Root in Style was found in 2015 as a Premium Leather Accessory Brand handcrafted in Ethiopia with unique rooted touch design by Tigist Seife Haile. She was born in Addis Ababa Ethiopia in a small neighbourhood called Aware, as a last and only daughter in the family of four children. 

Aside from raising in a city, She has been Inspired by fashion more while working in fashion industry she working on imported fashion brands which triggered her to ask a question “where is ours?” 

Having a country like Ethiopia, with lots of resource to source, lots of root, tradition & culture to explore with lots of creativity and craftsmanship to show to the world; not showing what we have was not an option. Therefore, Root in Style which conceived with a question “where is ours?” had born as a uniquely design Premium quality Leather Accessary Brand  made in Ethiopia with an Ethiopian Genuine Leather and Ethiopian root touch traditional handwoven tilet made by an experienced artisans

Root in Style Motto is:-

“Be amazingly Unique in the Crowd” with Made in Ethiopia



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